Fall Tips



Sun, salt and chlorinated water may damage hair over the course of the summer months. And the drier, cooler air of the autumn months can remove moisture from your hair. It’s an important time to condition to prevent split ends from making hair more susceptible to breakage.

This change of season is also a great time for a good trim to cut away any damage left from summer. Maybe you’re even ready to debut a new cut. It’s healthy for your hair and good for your spirit.


Summer skin was exposed to some aggressive elements like sun, sand and insect repellents. When the seasons change, your skin type may change, too. Oily skin may become more normal. Normal skin may become drier. Watch your skin as the temperatures cool to see if you need to change up your skin care products. Talk to a technician about whether you could benefit from an updated routine to repair summer skin and prepare it for winter.


Your hands are constantly exposed. They go from exposure to sun to exposure to cooler temperatures. Keep them soft and hydrated. Cooler air can also make your nails more brittle. A manicure can help keep your hands and nails looking their best.

Your body will get less exposure throughout the fall, but that’s no reason to neglect your skin. Don’t forget to exfoliate and moisturize arms. You never know when an unusually warm day or a special occasion may have you in a dress or short sleeves.

Fall is also the time for picking apples, raking leaves and washing windows. We’re often trying to accomplish all we can outdoors before the real cold starts to set in. Remember to take a little time to treat yourself to a massage to reset and revitalize.

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